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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Snapchat stock go down?

The plunge occurred after Snapchat owner warned during the Q3 earnings report that customers are cutting back on ad spending. Snap’s earnings report fells $93 million short of expectations, according to investment website Seeking Alpha.

Why is Snapchat stock down?

With the stock market in a correction mode, Snap stock currently not a buy. Growth and technology stocks have been hit hard recently, which makes stock purchases a risky proposition at this time. Markets have dropped as investors grapple with the prospect of higher interest rates and mixed company earnings.

What is the Snapchat valuation?

With an IPO that could happen as early as March, investors are anxious to learn more about the Snapchat valuation. Right now, the valuation is reportedly $25 billion, but it could climb to $40 billion by the time the IPO debuts. And this massive valuation is making Snapchat one of the most hyped public offerings on Wall Street.

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