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Who are the best soldiers from the Vietnam War?

The music for this film was composed by J. Kimo Williams and includes his award-winning compositions, Symphony ForThe Sons of Nam , Fanfare For Life, and American Soldier. Actor Gary Sinise provides an the oratory written by Army Veteran and textile artist Carol Williams.

Are there still US soldiers in Vietnam?

Yes, as expected there are the normal active duty U.S,. Marine Corps contingent (without disclosing the true number of personnel/equipment & support staff) that guard the existing U.S. Embassy & State Department officials/staff. There are also former U.S. soldiers/veterans & retirees that have made Vietnam their second home.

What was the total number of soldiers in Vietnam?

Totals 9,087,000 military personnel served on active duty during the official Vietnam era from August 5, 1964 to May 7, 1975. 2,709,918 Americans served in uniform in Vietnam. 240 men were awarded the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War.

Who was the last soldier to die in Vietnam?

Charles McMahon (May 10, 1953 - April 29, 1975) and Darwin Lee Judge (February 16, 1956 - April 29, 1975) were the last two United States servicemen killed in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

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