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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the film Soleil O made?

[Soleil Ô] was copyrighted in 1967, but filming was not completed until 1969; the movie was first screened in 1970 during the international critics' week in Cannes. ^ "Soleil O > Cast".

What is the message of Soleil Ô?

The film Soleil Ô, shot over four years with a very low budget, tells the story of a black immigrant who makes his way to Paris in search of “his Gaul ancestors”. This filmic manifesto denounces a new form of slavery: The immigrants desperately seek work and a place to live, but find themselves face to face with indifference, rejection,...

What is the restoration of Soleil Ô?

In 2017, Soleil Ô was given a restoration by the Cineteca di Bologna with the supervision of Med Hondo. Funding came from the George Lucas Family Foundation and the World Cinema Project, as part of the latter's restoration initiative called the African Film Heritage Project.

Will ‘Soleil’ be remembered?

Soleil will not be remembered, but there is a compelling performance by Sophia Loren who never puts a foot wrong when she is playing the mother of a large brood. Philippe Noiret as the father is effective in a couple of scenes.

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