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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of a bad starter relay switch?

A bad starter usually manifests itself in symptoms such as smoke, vehicle failing to start, grinding noises, or freewheeling. Visit a professional mechanic to repair and replace the starter if you note these signs.

What are the differences between a relay and solenoid?

A relay and a solenoid do two very different jobs. A relay is in essence a switch with two positions, on and off. A solenoid, meanwhile, enables mechanical components to physically move and change position, for example, a starter motor engaging a flywheel.

What does a starter solenoid relay do?

A starter relay, or starter solenoid, works by completing the circuit that brings electric current from a vehicle's battery to the starter motor of the engine. The starter relay can typically be located by following the red wire from the battery to the relay.

What does a bad starter solenoid sound like?

According to Popular Mechanics, a bad starter motor makes either a clicking sound or a high-pitched screeching noise when the ignition key is turned.

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