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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wire a starter solenoid?

To wire a 12-volt starter solenoid, first disconnect the black negative cable from the vehicle's battery, and then connect the red battery cable to the large bolt on the solenoid. If it is a remote-mounted solenoid, you must connect a control wire between the control circuit terminal on the solenoid and the car's ignition bypass terminal.

What are the differences between a relay and solenoid?

A relay and a solenoid do two very different jobs. A relay is in essence a switch with two positions, on and off. A solenoid, meanwhile, enables mechanical components to physically move and change position, for example, a starter motor engaging a flywheel.

Can you bypass a starter solenoid?

To bypass a vehicle's starter solenoid in order to test its function, create a short across the solenoid's starter and generator wires' contacts, and try to turn the ignition. If the starter solenoid is defective, the starter motor turns on consistently, though the engine doesn't start.

What does a starter solenoid do?

Starter Solenoid gets activated by pressing the ignition button or turning the key. When the current starts flowing from the battery to the solenoid, it creates the magnetic field inside and closes a higher current circuit for your motor to engage. A starter solenoid is one of the key components of an engine starter motor.

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