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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of the soleus muscle?

These two muscles, along with the plantaris muscle, belong to the group of superficial posterior compartment calf muscles. Soleus’ contraction results in strong plantar flexion. It also allows us to maintain an upright posture due to its important role as an antigravity muscle.

Is the soleus of the leg an antigravity muscle?

The soleus muscle belongs to the group of so-called antigravity muscles (along with the extensors of the leg, gluteus maximus and back muscles), which maintain the upright posture in humans. As the body's center of gravity is anterior to the ankle joint, the body has a natural tendency to lean forward.

Is the soleus anterior to the tibia or posterior?

Since the anterior compartment of the leg is lateral to the tibia, the bulge of muscle medial to the tibia on the anterior side is actually the posterior compartment. The soleus is superficial middle of the tibia.

How can I improve the mobility of my soleus muscle?

An important component of soleus injury rehab is to improve the flexibility and mobility of the muscle. Exercises to improve soleus flexiblity may include: Keeping your knees bent during these stretching exercises ensures that the calf is kept on slack and the focus of the stretch is on your soleus.

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