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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the soliens and what do they do?

Legend states that the Soliens are a species of blockchain-based aliens which provided Anatoly Yakovenko with the "secret ingredient" to making Solana so fast and cost-effective.

Who are the soliens (not so) secret society?

Recently, members of the relatively unknown "Soliens (Not so) Secret Society" have gotten hold of mugshots from an anonymous whistleblowers - and are on a mission to spread these mugshots to every wallet on the blockchain in order to raise awareness for the existence of ET.

Why are all the soliens holding mugshots?

Some Soliens are being held in Alien facilities, some in Human facilities, and some are even floating through a cosmic prison. Regardless, they are all holding a special mugshot sign with a message they wish to spread throughout the collective universal consciousness.

How did the Cabal round up all the soliens?

The cabals of the world knew this, and decided to round up all the Soliens they could find by tapping into MUFON's UFO reporting system and intercepting their ships in order to torture them into giving up the blockchain secrets so that they could use it for their own nefarious purposes.

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