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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Forty Thieves solitaire?

Rules of Forty Thieves Solitaire. To win a game, the goal is to move every card onto the eight foundation piles. Each foundation starts with an Ace of a particular suit and rises up to the King of that suit. So after an Ace of hearts is put into a foundation pile, it would have to be followed by the two of hearts and so.

How do you play Yukon solitaire?

To play Yukon Solitaire, the entire deack is dealt into 7 columns of 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 cards from left to right. 21 of these cards are dealt face down and the rest are dealt face up. Cards must be moved into the four foundations arranged by suit and in order from Ace - King.

What is free cell solitaire?

Freecell solitaire is a variation of solitaire that includes spaces to hold cards, or "free cells." The free cells in the upper left act as a maneuvering space. You can use the free cells strategically to transfer all cards from the tableau to the foundation slots.

What is a solitaire game?

Solitaire is a type of card game that is only played by one player, and there are many different solitaire games in existance. They can use either a single deck or multiple. Some of them also require the jokers, which ups the deck to 54.

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