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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when southwest cancels a flight?

Southwest doesn't cancel a flight simply because it is undersold. If aircraft are out of service for example and flights must be cancelled because no "spare" aircraft are available then you cancel the flight that causes the least problems. It is simply easier to accommodate fewer Customers rather than more Customers.

Is Southwest Airlines still cancelling flights?

Passengers who purchase Southwest Airlines “Business Select” or “Anytime” tickets have the right to a full refund should they cancel flights. According to the airline, Southwest’s non-refundable “Wanna Get Away” airline tickets may still be canceled, however, the airline offers no cash refunds.

Which flights has southwest canceled?

The canceled flights were destined for Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Phoenix. That comes on top of Southwest canceling flights on Sunday from Milwaukee to Nashville, Tampa (2 flights), Orlando (3 flights), Fort Myers, Baltimore, Denver, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Houston.

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