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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is southwest canceling so many flights?

The company reiterated the surge in flight delays and cancellations were caused by weather-related challenges that began at their Florida airports on Friday, and later exacerbated by unexpected air traffic control issues in the same region.

Does southwest compensate for cancelled flights?

You can get up to $700 in Southwest Airlines flight cancellation compensation, provided that your flight was canceled less than 14 days before you were set to depart, and that the airline was considered responsible for the issue. The flight must also have been scheduled to depart from an EU airport. You can check what is covered in the table below.

How many flights has southwest cancelled?

Over 4,000 flights worldwide have been cancelled on New Year's Day due to ... wages for picking up open flights through mid-January. Southwest and others have also raised premium pay for some ...

Why were Southwest flights cancelled?

two flights were canceled and four were delayed. American Airlines said windy conditions in Texas started a chain-reaction of delays and a shortage of staff also came into play, similar to the issues affecting Southwest a couple weeks ago. “People were ...

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