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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Southwest Airlines Earlybird check in?

Southwest EarlyBird Check-In is an optional Southwest add-on. When you purchase EarlyBird Check-In, within 36 hours of your flight departure time Southwest automatically checks you in and assigns your boarding position. Since check-in opens 24 hours before flight departure time,...

How to check the flight status on southwest?

Go to From the home page, look under "Quick Air Links" in the upper right column, or click on "Air" in the top banner of the page ... Click on "Check Flight Status" within 24 hours of your flight from the "Quick Air Links" or options under "Air." Find your flight number on the itinerary you received when you booked the flight. ... More items...

Is Earlybird check-in on southwest worth it?

First, EarlyBird Check-In might be worth it if the flight you are taking is especially long, making seat selection more valuable - such as on a Southwest flight to Hawaii. Second, if your family or group must sit all together, and either you don't qualify for Family Boarding or you are worried there won't be seats for all of you still left together at that time, it could be worth it.

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