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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest Airlines fly into Denver?

Southwest Airlines announced flight and fare information for its upcoming service at Denver International Airport Thursday. Southwest Airlines will begin its Denver service Jan. 3, with a total of 13 daily nonstop departures to Chicago Midway, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

What are the rules for Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines Carry On Rules. The regulations for a Southwest Airlines carry on suitcase are defined purely on dimensions. The carrier publishes its rules so no passenger can go to check in and pretend he or she did not know the restrictions. Southwest carry on luggage should be enough for everyone to travel with all the things they want.

What destinations does Southwest Airlines fly to?

Southwest Airlines provides service to locations throughout the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska. International destinations include Cancun, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, as well as Jamaica, Nassau, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

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