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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work at Southwest Airlines?

At Southwest Airlines®, our Employees come first. More than just a paycheck, a Career at Southwest Airlines comes with several benefits and perks, from our legendary Culture to travel privileges for Employees and their eligible dependents.

Does southwest pay flight attendants during their 4 week training?

No, Southwest does not pay flight attendants during their 4 week training program. However, upon graduation of the program new flight attendants are paid a bonus of $1200. Southwest does not operate using the traditional hub an spoke system that other airlines currently use.

Does Southwest Airlines have a good 401k plan?

Southwest Airlines has one of the best 401 (k) packages as well as benefit packages in the business. They take care of their customers very well, and passes it on to their employees. The best thing was the flight benefits, even for Interns.

What health insurance does Southwest Airlines offer employees?

Employees choose from medical coverage options ranging from PPOs to a high deductible health plan. Southwest picks up a generous amount of the cost, making the monthly amount Employees pay for medical and prescription drug coverage for themselves and their families competitively affordable.

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