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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the Southwest Airlines employee that died in Vegas?

Southwest spokesman Brandy King confirmed a Las Vegas-based employee died Tuesday but declined to provide details. Shepperson's mother said the airline reached out to her, and Hildreth said Southwest contacted her after Shepperson's death and pulled her from a work trip, so she could fly home to Las Vegas Wednesday.

Who was the first black flight attendant at Southwest Airlines?

“And they would do it — everyone one of them — with a smile.” Bostic, the first Black flight attendant for Southwest Airlines who was hired in the company’s first year of operations, died Monday, four years after being diagnosed with myeloma cancer.

What was it like to be a flight attendant in the past?

The early days of flight attendants were both glamorous and nerve-wracking as the airline tried to break through in the era of airline consolidation, bankruptcy and turmoil.

Who was the man that died on a ventilator?

He was on a ventilator and died early Tuesday, his mother, Dawn Shepperson, told USA TODAY. A nurse told her it was from COVID-19. Shepperson, 36, was fully vaccinated, his mother and Hildreth said.

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