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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Southwest Airlines flight attendant with two teeth knocked out?

The Southwest Airlines flight attendant who got two of her teeth knocked out by a passenger was “very unprofessional” and provoked the wild altercation, another flier said. The shocking incident unfolded just after a flight from Sacramento landed in San Diego on Sunday.

What happened to the flight attendant on the Sacramento to San Diego?

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A fight onboard a flight from Sacramento to San Diego resulted in a flight attendant getting punched. CBS13 spoke with a passenger who was on the plane when it happened.

What happened to Jennifer Quinonez on Southwest Airlines?

Quinonez has also been banned from flying again on Southwest Airlines. She previously claimed she acted in self-defense and another passenger accused the flight attendant of provoking the high-profile in-flight incident.

What happened to the woman arrested on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest has not released her name or her condition. Police met the plane and Quinonez at the gate. She was arrested on a charge of battery causing serious bodily injury and taken to the Las Colinas Detention Facility, according to a statement from the Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department. It's unclear if she has an attorney.

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