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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my Southwest Airlines reservations?

Customers can look up their confirmation numbers by visiting the Southwest airline website and choosing the option for looking up air reservation information.

Does Southwest Airlines allow multiple city reservations?

Prohibition of Multiple/Conflicting Reservations: To promote seat availability for our Customers, Southwest prohibits multiple reservations for the same Passenger departing from the same city on the same date, or any multiple reservations containing conflicting or overlapping itineraries (such as departures for the same Customer from multiple cities at the same time).

What is the boarding process for Southwest Airlines?

During the Southwest boarding process, passengers are instructed to line up in order based on their boarding group and position. So, passengers holding A group boarding passes board first, then B, then C. Within each group, passengers will line up based on their numbers. For example, A1 will board before A20.

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