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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest Airlines have any first class seating?

Southwest planes don't have first-class seating. Watterson said he believes customers will appreciate other advantages of Southwest's service, such as the fact the route operates during daytime hours compared to the competition, whose nonstop service includes overnight travel to return to Phoenix.

Does Southwest Airlines allow multiple city reservations?

Prohibition of Multiple/Conflicting Reservations: To promote seat availability for our Customers, Southwest prohibits multiple reservations for the same Passenger departing from the same city on the same date, or any multiple reservations containing conflicting or overlapping itineraries (such as departures for the same Customer from multiple cities at the same time).

How wide are the seats on Southwest Airlines?

On the same day, Southwest Airlines announced some good news for its passengers: The carrier is adding almost an inch of width to the seats on its 737 planes. According to Southwest, the new 17.8-inch wide seats will be the widest 737 seat of any U.S. airline.

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