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Frequently Asked Questions

What size is carry on luggage Southwest?

Southwest allows one piece of carry-on baggage, with maximum size 10 x 16 x 24 inches, but does not specify a weight limit. As long as you're able to fit your carry-on into the measurement bins by the check-in desk, you should be fine, as it'll fit under the seat in front of you.

How many checked bags southwest?

Passengers on Southwest may check as many bags as desired, but baggage fees apply. Bags three through nine may be checked for $50 each, and bags 10 and up may be checked for $110 each.

What is the size limit for checked baggage on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines allows all passengers two pieces of checked baggage for free that don't exceed the size and weight restrictions of 62 linear inches in dimension and 50 pounds. Therefore, if you're planning on traveling with a lot of luggage, make sure that your two pieces of checked luggage meet that maximum capacity.

Does southwest charge for carry on bag?

Full Answer. Southwest Airlines does not charge fees for the first two checked bags, encouraging customers to check rather than carry-on their luggage. Although they have liberal bag policies, they strictly abide by Transportation Security Administration policy about liquids, which must be in bottles 3.4 ounces or under when carried on.

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