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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Southwest flights canceled?

Southwest Airlines Cancels Flights Due To Lack Of Deicing Fluid. CHICAGO (CBS) — All Southwest Airlines flights in and out of Chicago were cancelled Sunday due to a lack of deicing fluid. Deicing fluid is a mixture sprayed to remove ice and snow on aircrafts.

How to check the flight status on southwest?

Go to From the home page, look under "Quick Air Links" in the upper right column, or click on "Air" in the top banner of the page ... Click on "Check Flight Status" within 24 hours of your flight from the "Quick Air Links" or options under "Air." Find your flight number on the itinerary you received when you booked the flight. ... More items...

What are the problems with Southwest Airlines?

The problems facing Southwest Airlines are that it is compelled to behavior more like a mainstream airline rather than a low cost airline. One of the problems stems from frequent fare increases. The other problem is that the competitors of Southwest Airlines match the fare changes of Southwest Airlines.

When will Southwest Airlines release flights?

The Southwest Flight Schedule is now open for booking through April 11, 2021. The next release of flights is scheduled to open December 10, 2020 for booking flights April 12 through August 16, 2021 though that is subject to change, especially in light of the chaos of travel at the moment.

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