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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Southwest Airlines a low cost or budget airline?

(Technically, Southwest is a low-cost carrier, but by our definition, it doesn't belong in the budget bucket because it charges far fewer fees than even most traditional airlines.) This is how budget airlines work: They offer extremely low base fares, which are what show up in search results.

What is Southwest Airlines cancellation policy?

The airline cancellation policies on Southwest Airlines allow passengers with refundable tickets to cancel without a penalty at any time. Passengers without refundable tickets will be charged the full price of the original ticket as a fee, resulting in no refund. Changes are permitted, which may incur fees.

What exactly is a southwest 'Wanna get Away' fare?

This fare allows you to change your ticket at any time without penalty. It also allows you to fly standby at no extra charge. Wanna Get Away - This is Southwest's lowest fare aimed at the casual traveler. You can get this fare by booking your flights in advance.

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