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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a pain doctor in Chattanooga?

John has been practicing pain medicine in Chattanooga since 2009. He is the president and medical director of Specialists in Pain Management. Dr. John uses a multi-disciplinary approach to treating all types of pain. He utilizes physical therapy, medications, minimally invasive procedures, and psychological counseling for pain treatment.

Who is specialists in pain management?

Dr. Blake is fellowship trained and board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management. Welcome to Specialists in Pain Management, a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to the treatment of acute and chronic pain for our patients in the Chattanooga region.

What is the Center for Spine & Pain Medicine?

Schedule Appointment 706-279-2635 Proudly serving the Chattanooga community, the Center for Spine & Pain Medicine specializes in interventional pain management. Our trusted, board-certified physicians and dedicated team takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to discover and identify the underlying cause and source (s) of your pain.

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