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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get plastic surgery?

While plastic surgery can improve your confidence, it always brings the best results and highest satisfaction when done for the right reasons. The procedure should be for you, not for anyone else, and should only happen once you’re prepared. Y ounger patients may have additional considerations before plastic surgery.

Do plastic surgeons have surgery themselves?

“All plastic surgeons besides themselves have operated on most of their family members,” shares Dr. Pozner. “I had a patient come in here once and they said to me, ‘You know what, you guys do all the surgeries to all the patients and none of your staff or family members has this done.’

Does plastic surgery make you ugly?

Nope. Most plastic surgery results in an unnatural look. If you're ugly you will end up weird looking and ugly, perhaps with the odd feature that might conform to some sort of equation or be similar to a celebrity. Beautiful people rarely maintain their beauty through plastic surgery, and they never, ever improve their looks. Beauty is natural.

Does plastic surgery make people happy?

There’s a reason for it! Plastic surgery has been proven to infuse patients with a long-lasting positive feelings when they see the results and experience the difference those results make in their daily lives.

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