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Frequently Asked Questions

Does spectrum have a cell phone service?

Spectrum is one of the largest ISPs in the nation, and is now offering mobile phone service to it's customers. We've updated this review for 2021. Spectrum Mobile is only available to current Spectrum Internet customers, and is very similar in price and plan offerings to Xfinity Mobile.

Does Spectrum offer streaming TV?

Yes, the cable TV, internet, telephone and wireless company Spectrum (a subsidiary of Charter Communications) is also offering a live TV streaming service. While that may sound like it conflicts with its other business, that's practically the point.

How do I Find my spectrum phone number?

Spectrum customer service phone number 1-833-780-1880. Spectrum residential customers can call this 24/7 toll-free phone number for technical support, equipment installations and bill pay assistance: 1-833-780-1880. To reach a customer representative faster, say “representative.”. The automated rep will ask you to confirm that you’d like ...

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