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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is

Many experts claim HTML5-based speed tests are more accurate than tests that use Java and Adobe Flash. Others point out that multithread tests such as those used by Ookla ( and branded by many ISPs) don't represent real-world network traffic as well as single-thread tests.

Which is the most reliable internet speed test?

Based on extensive measurements, OOKLA (once configured correctly, as will be explained) provides consistent and relatively accurate results. OOKLA claims to be “the world’s most popular Internet speed test” with over 5 million tests per day.

What is the best website for Internet speed test?

Dslreports is a speed test site which has being introduced decades ago to provide the internet users reviews on the small DSL ISPs. It is perhaps one of the best free speed test analyzer and the website diagnosis over the broadband connectivity.

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