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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Speirs company take Foy?

During the attack on Foy, Easy Company's CO Lt. Norman Dike encountered shell shock, so Captain Richard Winters relieved Dike and made Speirs Company Commander. Thanks to him, they were able to take the town of Foy.

Who was captain Speirs?

Captain Ronald C. Speirs was the leader of Dog Company in the 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR of the 101st Airborne. His unit was absorbed into Easy Company during Bastogne and he was assigned as Company Commander after relieving 1st Lieutenant Dike of duty during the assault on Foye, Belgium.

What is Ron Speirs best known for?

Speirs made it back to Allied lines intact, and his intel was vital to the combat operations of his unit. What Ron Speirs is best known for, however, is the utterly fucking badass way he handled the assault on the Belgian town of Foy during the infamous Battle of the Bulge.

Who is Lieutenant Speirs from D Company?

“One of his fellow D company officers, Lt. Tom Gibson, described him as ‘tough, aggressive, brave, and a resourceful rifle platoon leader.” “Our CO is now Lieutenant Speirs from D company. I think he’s the best one we’ve had yet”

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