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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my spirit flight canceled?

If a flight is delayed or canceled, Spirit works automatically to re-accommodate passengers in advance when possible. If a passenger misses his or her connection due to a delayed flight or if the flight is canceled, a new boarding pass for the revised itinerary may be obtained at the airport. Onboard Ground Delays.

What type of aircraft does spirit fly?

Overview. Spirit's A321 aircraft flies in a one class configuration with 218 Economy Class seats. Spirit refers to its' Economy Class as "Deluxe Leather" seats. Spirit's A321 aircraft feature seats with no recline and 28 inches of seat pitch - the least amount of space of all US domestic carriers.

What is spirit flight?

Spirit Airlines. Spirit Flights shows that you can save money and still get a good flight. Even in the best of economic times, it is important to know how to get the most for your money. When times are a little tougher, knowing how to save becomes an essential skill.

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