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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a splint used for?

The main purpose of splinting is to immobilize the joints and bones above and below the fracture site. This is to prevent bone edges from moving and damaging other muscles, vessels, or nerves and further complications. A splint is a medical device that immobilizes the injured body part and protects it from further injury.

How do splints help with healing?

Splints are most commonly used to immobilize broken bones or dislocated joints. When a broken bone has been properly set, a splint permits complete rest at the site of the fracture and thus allows natural healing to take place with the bone in the proper position.

What are the different types of splints?

In emergency cases, anything can be used for splinting, yet there are two types of splints: Rigid Splint: Any rigid object, such as wood or plastic boards, broomstick, book or a rolled-out newspapers, which can be used to splint a fractured arm or leg. Flexible Splint: Any flexible object, like a pillow or a bed sheet with several folds.

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