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Frequently Asked Questions

What is splendid spoon?

Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery service that provides fully prepared, plant-based meals. The company offers a rotating menu with more than 50 meals and smoothies, which you can mix and match to make a customized weekly menu. Multiple plans are available, depending on which meals you’d like to receive each day.

Is splendid spoon a Disability Discrimination company?

Splendid Spoon has been named in a disability discrimination lawsuit against the company. However, the case status is still pending ( 1 ). Most reviews of Splendid Spoon are positive, with customers noting that the meals make it easy and convenient to eat healthier.

Is Martha and Marley Spoon vegetarian?

While Martha and Marley Spoon does not offer meal plan options that cater exclusively to certain dietary needs, it offers enough vegetarian meals each week for vegetarians to use the service. The menu includes at least five vegetarian recipes each week, so your weekly shipment can be fully vegetarian unless you order six meals each week.

What do you need to make Martha and Marley Spoon meals?

According to the website, all you’ll need to prepare Martha and Marley Spoon meals are basics like cooking oil and salt. If you have any problems with your order, you can contact customer service via email or phone.

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