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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dual sport tires good for adventure riding?

Using the latest in dual sport tire technologies, especially these adventure tires which are perfect for conditions where a rider spends 40 percent on-road and 60 percent off-road, can be quite convenient and fun. It has superior on-road handling and mileage and has stable sidewalls for soft surfaces.

How important are motorcycle adventure tires?

You can’t overstate the importance of tires in any genre of motorcycling, but especially when it comes to adventure riding. Get it right, and you’re in for an epic ride. Get it wrong and the going could be very challenging—and that’s putting it mildly. Choosing the right adventure tire is no easy task.

What are the best adventure bike tires for off-roading?

If you want the OG in dual-sport adventure bike tires with true on-road and off-road performance, you turn to the Continental TKC 80. The wide, chunky tread blocks lend themselves to biting through tough dirt and mud and obviously handle hardpack with ease. The self-cleaning tread pattern helps it bite, no matter the terrain.

What are the best 50/50 tires for adventure riding?

With applications for adventure bikes of all sizes, it can be used with or without a tube (bike dependent). Pirelli is well known in the road world for its excellent tires, and the Scorpion Rally STR takes some of that inspiration into a well-rounded 50/50 tire for the dual-sport, sport touring, and adventure riding crowd.

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