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Frequently Asked Questions

What is adventure sports?

title slide. Adventure Sports is the leading watersports equipment store for premium brands such as Cabrinha, Dakine, JP Australia, NeilPryde, Hobie Kayaks and many more. If you are passionate about the water or just looking to try something new and fun we are the place for you.

What is Sports Ventures?

Sports Ventures is a Sports Travel & Events House provider of sports travel & event management services for sports team s of all ages, standards of play in diverse disciplines including football/soccer, basketball, rugby union, field hockey, swimming, lacrosse, athletics and other team and/or individual sports.

What is adventureracing adventures?

Racing Adventures is where it can really happen! Only your wits and skills are at the controls. Under the direction and supervision of our professional racing driver coaches, you can explore the World of precision and speed in the seat of one of our powerful World Class Luxury Exotic Racing Supercars or your favorite personal car.

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