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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Ultimate Adventure vehicle designed for?

The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle project was designed to create a well-rounded vehicle capable of meeting a wide variety of transportation needs, from running everyday errands to serving as a rolling base camp for multi-week outdoor adventures.

What should I look for in an adventure vehicle?

Adventure vehicles need to be made of sturdy stuff that won’t fold under fire, wind, water, sleet, heat, or attacks from the elements. Cheap parts that fail or falter when tested aren’t allowed, so you should pick a machine that has brand reliability and a model that was made to take additional punishment. Then there’s the It factor.

Which is the best adventure car in the world?

The Toyota 4Runner is quietly becoming the classic American adventure vehicle. The rest of the world gets the highly-acclaimed mountain-conquering Toyota Hilux, while here in the States we are instead gifted the step-child 4Runner who shies away from the limelight and performs like a workhorse regardless of recognition.

Is it exciting to go on an adventure in a car?

Embarking upon the road toward your next adventure can be as exciting as the trail itself. There’s a certain amount of excitement, like electricity in the air, that comes with sorting out your gear and stowing it in your vehicle as you prepare for the journey ahead.

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