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Frequently Asked Questions

What ispositive reinforcement in sports?

Positive reinforcement is used to reinforce behaviors that are beneficial to sports. This is a key aspect of child and youth development. When we talk about positive reinforcement, we’re talking about behavior.

What is the best definition of reinforce?

to strengthen with some added piece, support, or material: to reinforce a wall. to strengthen (a military force) with additional personnel, ships, or aircraft: to reinforce a garrison. to strengthen; make more forcible or effective: to reinforce efforts. to augment; increase: to reinforce a supply.

What is the role of negative reinforcement in sports?

The sports arena is a place where players need constant improvement and motivation to succeed, so no doubt that both forms of reinforcement are frequently used. Negative reinforcement in sports includes removing something undesirable that follows a good behavior.

What is the medical definition of a reinforcer?

Medical Definition of reinforcer : a stimulus (as a reward or removal of an electric shock) that increases the probability of a desired response in operant conditioning by being applied or removed following the desired response

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