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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Spotify is important for artists?

It allows musicians an opportunity to buy Spotify plays and gain exposure. While the service does currently notify you of artists' shows near you, it could increase the intensity with which it does so. By alerting you of shows and merchandise and other ways to support the artist, it will encourage the listeners to engage with their favorite bands.

Who is the best artist on Spotify?

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is the year's most streamed artist on Spotify, while Eminem tops the list in the United States.

How do artists make money through Spotify?

The main way in which artists make money from Spotify is through royalties, and the currently pay artists around $0.004 for every time someone streams their music. Source: TheKnowMore.

What are the total number of artists on Spotify?

Considering that around 40,000 tracks are uploaded to Spotify daily, and that rival SoundCloud recently confirmed that it hosts music from over 25 million artists and creators, you'd expect that this 3 million figure would have ballooned considerably since Spotify announced it.

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