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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Starlink worth the cost?

If you’re looking for a faster, more cost-friendly option in satellite internet service, Starlink is undoubtedly worth your consideration. Their groundbreaking projected speeds up to 10 Gbps could challenge even wired internet providers once it arrives, and their service is already shaking up the current competition.

Is Starlink worth it?

The short answers are: STARLINK In-Vehicle Technology is Subaru's full available suite of entertainment, driver-assistance, and multimedia functions to keep you connected and safe on the road and Absolutely worth it

What services does Starlink provide?

STARLINK Safety and Security. STARLINK Safety and Security helps keep you and your Subaru safe whether you’re in your vehicle, at your computer, or on your mobile device. Safety and Security services include Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, and the added convenience of Remote Services.

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