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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four steps of Statistics?

Four-Step Statistical Process: 3. Process (Analyze the Data): organize and summarize the data by graphical or numerical methods. Graph numerical data using histograms, dot plots, and/or box plots, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses. 4. Discuss (Interpret the Results): interpret your finding from the analysis of the data,...

What jobs can you get with statistics major?

Academic Jobs. Since statistics is a field with broad applications, statisticians can find employment as professors in mathematics, statistics, computer science, public health, biostatistics, engineering and economics departments at colleges and universities.

How do you calculate statistics?

Percentages. One of the most frequent ways to represent statistics is by percentage. Percent simply means "per hundred" and the symbol used to express percentage is %. One percent (or 1%) is one hundredth of the total or whole and is therefore calculated by dividing the total or whole number by 100.

Why do you need statistics?

We need statistics in the world because statistics are based on information or data collected for a particular subject. Statistics could be based on anything from comparing things or simply explaining how someone feel about a certain thing. Statistics is basically gathering , analyzing , and concluding data .

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