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Frequently Asked Questions

Is steam the best gaming platform?

Without any doubt, Steam is the best video game platform for users who like to enjoy their favorite games from the PC, as it has a large catalog of video games.

What is the highest rated game on Steam?

RimWorld is the highest player-rated game of 2018 on Steam. RimWorld spent enough in early access that it’s easy to forget that it officially launched last year. 2018 was a good year for the colony management game, too – it wound up hitting the one million copies sold mark well before it left early access several months ago.

What games do you need to play steam?

If the game requires Steam you must install Steam in order to use it, and you must be logged into the Steam account associated with the game's key (the code you got in the box/on the manual/etc) in order to play it. All Valve titles, including Portal and Portal 2 require Steam, as does Skyrim, Civilization V, and many other games.

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