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What does Fq-TQ mean?

Tax Qualified (as in TQ retirement plans) TQ Technical Quality (FQ-TQ methodology; one static quality model for software) TQ Télé-Québec (French channel) TQ Transition Quarter

What does TQ stand for?

Terrance Quaites (born May 24, 1976), known professionally as TQ, is an American R&B singer. He is best known for his hit song "Westside", which became a top 40 hit in several countries in 1998.

What does TQD stand for?

Al-Taqaddum Air Base. Al Taqaddum Airbase ( Arabic: قاعدة التقدم الجوية ‎), or Al Taqaddum AB ( IATA: TQD, ICAO: ORAT ), (Called TQ in military shorthand slang), is an airbase that is located in central Iraq, approximately 74 kilometers west of Baghdad, at Habbaniyah. The airfield is served by two runways 13,000 and 12,000 feet...

What is TQ's personal life like?

Personal life. TQ was born in Mobile, Alabama, on May 24, 1976, but soon moved with his family to Compton, California. At the age of 16, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He has a sister. He has an older son, Rashaun, and a younger son, Tylon. Tylon has a YouTube channel.

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