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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Longmont a good place to shop?

"The "mall" is okay but MOST people around Longmont (including myself) think of it more like a food court. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between there are just TOO many places to eat and not to shop. There aren't any clothing stores ... well unless you count Sam's Club."

How many Costco stores are in Longmont Colorado?

There is currently 1 Costco store operational in Longmont, Colorado. For the full list of all Costco stores near Longmont, visit the following page. Please note: times for Costco in Longmont, CO may change from typical times during holidays. For the whole of 2023 these changes include Christmas, New Year's, Good Friday or Columbus Day.

Where can I get help with my Home Improvement Project in Longmont?

So, if you're looking for help completing your next job or home improvement project in Longmont, CO, look no further than your community Lowe's. Our red vest staff is second to none, and after all, who doesn't like having a friendly expert to answer all their questions? We'll see you soon.

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