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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are whole food stores located?

Whole Foods The prepared food bars, which are typically located on the perimeter of regular Whole Foods stores, will instead be located in the center of 365 stores. A "pantry" section offering beer, wine, and other packaged goods will be located on the perimeter.

Where is Whole Foods Market located?

Whole Foods Market is a natural grocery store chain with 290 stores throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Founded in Austin, Texas in 1980, Whole Foods has consistently ranked in Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Best Companies to Work For, placing 22nd on the 2009 list.

What is a whole food store?

Whole Foods is a grocery store chain specializing in organic foods and whole foods.

What is a food market?

food market - a marketplace where groceries are sold; "the grocery store included a meat market". grocery, grocery store, market.

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