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Frequently Asked Questions

What does strained means?

1. to exert oneself or a part of the body to the greatest possible extent. They strained at the door, trying to pull it open; He strained to reach the rope. 2. to injure (a muscle etc) through too much use, exertion etc. He has strained a muscle in his leg; You'll strain your eyes by reading in such a poor light.

How do you use strained in a sentence?

noun. 1 A force tending to pull or stretch something to an extreme or damaging degree. ‘the usual type of chair puts an enormous strain on the spine’. More example sentences. ‘aluminium may bend under strain’. ‘The structure of the ligamenta flava enables them to be stretched to high strains without damage.’.

What is another word for strained?

synonyms for strained Compare Synonyms constrained labored stiff tense tight uneasy choked embarrassed put wired wreck artificial at end of rope awkward difficult false farfetched hard put in a state nervous wreck self-conscious strung-out taut uncomfortable unglued unnatural unrelaxed uptight Meet Grammar Coach Improve Your Writing

Is strained an adjective?

Adjectives for strain include strainable, strained, strainful, strainless, strainsome and straining. Find more words at!

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