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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IQ testing and why is it important?

IQ test have also been used to admit people into prestigious organizations and to put children in special education programs. IQ testing also further breaks down peoples strengths in specific areas such as math, music, science and language to name a few.

What are the disadvantages of IQ tests in education?

When these tests only measure one form of intelligence and this is the foundation of their entire learning process, then it can railroad an individual into a process that never develops their strengths and always criticizes their weaknesses. 4. It can lead to the development of stereotypes.

Should students be able to measure their IQs?

Consequently, some education researchers say children are better off not knowing how their intellects rank compared to their peers. Another advantage of I.Q. testing is that it allows students to understand and focus on their intellectual strengths.

What are the benefits of intelligence testing?

By taking intelligence tests that measure these elements, it becomes possible to pinpoint the areas of strength and weakness to create interventions which are useful. 3. It helps us to understand how the brain works.

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