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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a study room in the library?

Rooms may be reserved no more than 1 (one) week in advance in person, by phone or from the library’s website. Rooms may be reserved for no more than 2 (two) hours per day. However, if the patron wishes to stay beyond the allotted time they may do so, as long as the room has not been reserved for someone else.

How much does it cost to use a study room at the St. Charles Public Library?

Study room use is limited to a two-hour time period per day. There is a fee of $5.00 per hour with a two-hour maximum for non-St. Charles Public Library cardholders. There is a separate study room for students and tutors of our Literacy Volunteer program.

What amenities are in a study room?

All individual study spaces are equipped with a desk, a reading lamp, and an electrical outlet. Individual study spaces can be reserved by undergraduate and graduate students on a daily basis for up to 14 consecutive days. Items should not be left unattended in these spaces.

How many people can reserve a study room at once?

Study rooms can be reserved for a maximum of four hours per person per day. Rooms are not locked but if you do not reserve the room, you will be asked to leave if another patron makes a reservation.

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