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Frequently Asked Questions

What is probate formal administration?

Formal probate administration in Florida involves having the court appoint a personal representative or executor for the estate, who assists in collecting estate assets, facilitating the payment of creditor claims and then in the distribution of the remaining estate assets to the heirs or beneficiaries.

What is a summary administration?

Summary Administration is an abbreviated form of probate. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as "Summary of Administration", it is often used for a direct distribution of readily identifiable assets and is the alternative to Formal (Traditional) Administration. No personal representative (PR) is appointed in a Summary Administration.

Are probate and estate administration the same?

Probate and Estate Administration Following a bereavement, there are a number of tasks to be considered and completed. This responsibility falls to the Executor(s) if there’s a Will or Administrator(s) if there is no Will (known as intestacy). Both roles have the same responsibility; to administer a person’s legal and…

How long does the probate or administration?

How long does Probate or Administration normally take? In a routine probate proceeding, you can expect a minimum probate period of from 120 to 180 days. This allows for publication of creditor notices and gives creditors time to file claims. However, probate and estate administra-tion often take much longer if complications arise. PROBATE AND

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