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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the setting of number the stars?

Number the Stars opens with a street scene in Copenhagen. Annemarie, her younger sister Kirsti, and her best friend Ellen Rosen race home from school. On the way, two German soldiers stop them. Annemarie is disgusted by the fact that the soldier's Danish is so poor after three years of occupation. The soldiers interrogate the girls.

What happens in the final chapter of number the stars?

This final chapter takes place two years later. The war has ended. Annemarie is with her parents on their balcony in Cop... Read More This is a note from the author detailing which parts of the novel are true. Lowry informs readers the inspiration for An... Read More Have study documents to share about Number the Stars?

What has stayed the same in number the stars?

The only thing that has stayed the same, she concludes, is fairy tales. From the first moments of Number the Stars, Lowry explores the difficulty of understanding war when you are a child. Even Annemarie's most prosaic experiences—running down the street, for example—are colored by the Second World War.

How do I test my knowledge of number the stars?

Test your knowledge of Number the Stars with quizzes about every section, major characters, themes, symbols, and more. Get ready to ace your Number the Stars paper with our suggested essay topics, helpful essays about historical and literary context, a sample A+ student essay, and more.

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