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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather warning for Northern Ireland?

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for across Northern Ireland as temperatures are set to drop. The forecaster has put a warning for ice in place across the country which comes into effect from 6pm on Sunday, January 15, and remains in place until 10am on Monday morning, January 16 as temperatures drop below freezing.

What will happen at night in Northern Ireland?

"Clearing skies later in the night are expected to lead to ice developing on untreated surfaces. Showers will mainly fall as rain at low levels but could turn to snow in heavier or more prolonged showers resulting in 2-5 cm accumulating in places above 100-200 m, for example west of Northern Ireland, Cumbria, Pennines and north Wales."

Where will the winter showers be in Northern Ireland?

A spokesperson said: "Wintry showers are expected to develop across Northern Ireland, Wales and western England during Sunday afternoon and evening, extending east across southern Scotland and the remainder of northern and central England.

Will the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill push through?

Talk of pushing through the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill — heavily criticised by the EU for the way it would unilaterally override parts of the treaty signed by former prime minister Boris Johnson — has grown quieter in recent months.

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