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Frequently Asked Questions

Why visit Swan Lake Montana?

For over a hundred years the Swan Lake Montana and the Swan Valley have attracted a colorful variety of explorers and adventurers seeking solitude or wealth in the rugged mountains and cascading streams. Today, Swan Valley and the tiny village of Swan Lake Montana welcomes travelers for a different sort of adventure.

Where is the Swan River Inn in Bigfork Montana?

The Swan River Inn in scenic Bigfork, Montana, sets impeccable standards for international design and a high-quality guest experience. Bigfork, Montana, is a place unlike any other. The tiny village sits on a quiet bay at the northeast end of Flathead Lake, with the towering Swan Mountains setting a majestic backdrop.

Why stay at the Swan River Inn?

The town sits at the confluence of the Swan River and Flathead Lake, and this is where the Swan River Inn hosts visitors from around the world. Our rooms are an eclectic mix of international design themes from owner Margrit Matter.

Where is Laughing Horse Lodge in Montana?

Open May thru October, Laughing Horse Lodge is nestled at the base of the Swan Range and the Bob Marshall Wilderness, at the southern end of Swan Lake. We are conveniently located between Missoula and Kalispell, providing a perfect base for three-season outdoor adventure in Glacier Country.

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