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Frequently Asked Questions

What musical instruments are played in Swan Lake?

The first movement of the Swan Lake Suite, Scene, which began with the violins playing with an oboe solo on top. The oboe was playing various crescendos and decrescendos at a mezzo piano dynamic and the tempo was moderate.

Is Swan Lake a symphony?

On the stage, Swan Lake is one of the immortal ballets; as music itself, it is a timeless classic. In this performance by the London Symphony Ochestra, Previn achieves the pefect balance of pacing and tendency so many conductors have to give in to the lush romantic mood of the score.

How many acts are in Swan Lake?

Swan Lake is generally presented in either four acts, four scenes (primarily outside Russia and Eastern Europe) or three acts, four scenes (primarily in Russia and Eastern Europe). The biggest difference of productions all over the world is that the ending, originally tragic, is now sometimes altered to a happy ending.

What is the theme for Swan Lake?

The music of Swan Lake has become popular in it’s own right, in particular the theme from Swan lake featured here. The main theme of the story of Swan Lake features the character of Siegfried, who falls in love with the character of Odette, who turns from a swan into a human every night.

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