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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SWFI?

Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI) is a global organization designed to study sovereign wealth funds, pensions, endowments, superannuation funds, family offices, central banks and other long-term institutional investors in the areas of investing, asset allocation, risk, governance, economics, policy, trade and other relevant issues.

What is a SWF and how does it work?

The funds in a country’s SWF can come from numerous sources, including surplus from foreign reserves, revenue from exported natural resources, budgeting surpluses, and bank reserves. Among the leading SWFs in the world include Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and the China Investment Corporation.

What is the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute?

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute or SWF Institute, or SWFI, is a global corporation analyzing public asset owners such as sovereign wealth funds and other long-term governmental investors. Initially, the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute focused solely on sovereign wealth funds.

What do I get with SWFI membership?

Get access to deals, key executives, strategy notes, mandates, asset allocation data, news, and profiles. Interested in events - learn more about the SWFI Membership.

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