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Frequently Asked Questions

What is synchrony and why is it important?

Synchrony is important in the development of babies, and they can spend a lot of time staring at a caregiver's face, trying to copy and understand what it sees. Playing with the child is an important time for synchrony between babies and their parents. When a baby receives a new toy and is excited about it,...

Why is synchrony closing accounts?

They can't just close your cards outright until they are at a zero balance, that's why they are balance chasing you. Synchrony & commenity (and Barclays on occasion) are known to do this, especially if something changes in your credit profile they don't like. 06-12-2018 12:15 PM 06-12-2018 12:15 PM

Which stores use Synchrony Bank?

Synchrony Bank is a major issuer of retail and co-branded credit cards, including big names like Amazon, PayPal, and Lowe's. It also issues specific credit cards to be used across a variety of healthcare services, auto shops, and home furnishing stores.

What does synchrony mean?

1. synchrony - the relation that exists when things occur at the same time; "the drug produces an increased synchrony of the brain waves" synchroneity, synchronicity, synchronisation, synchronism, synchronization, synchronizing temporal relation - a relation involving time

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