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Frequently Asked Questions

What does syndication mean?

Syndication is a generic word for outsourcing something. In commercial real estate financings, as well as investment banking, syndication usually means that there is a lead underwriter of a piece of the capital structure who does the "heavy lifting" of determining the value of the asset being financed...

What is syndication process?

The syndication process. As a syndicated loan is a collection of bilateral loans between a borrower and several banks, the structure of the transaction is to isolate each bank's interest whilst maximising the collective efficiency of monitoring and enforcement of a single lender.

Is listing syndication and idx the same thing?

Internet Data Exchange (IDX), Listing Syndications, and Internet Display are not the same thing. Although opting out of one may result in opting out of another, they are not all mutually exclusive. Internet Data Exchange (IDX): IDX is the sharing of listings with other brokers for the public to see.

What is syndication strategy?

What is 'Web Syndication'. Web syndication is marketing strategy for websites that equates to a right or license to broadcast or distribute content from one site to another.

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